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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  December 28, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. it's still a holiday week as we head towards the new year. we have a complete wrap at the end of the week of the year that was. it was something. i'm bret baier. have a great evening. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> rachel: the cancellations at southwest airlines show nothing signs of slowing down. americans are left stranded as 5,000 flights have been canceled today and for tomorrow. senior correspondent mike tobin is in chicago with the latest. mike? >> mike: well, you know, it would be inaccurate to say that the mess isn't getting any better. what you see behind me are people going through with a really low tech solution. just walking through this big pile of bags and you hear that guy just walked by shouted he
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just got his bag. every once in a while big cry go up through the island of miss fit bags with someone saying they have got their stuff and they are on their way home. it's still a mess. you still have people who are stranded and can't get home. you have flight staff that can't penetrate this antiquated communication system to let the airlines know that they are available to fly people home. you have got a lot of really tired people and they are just stuck. >> our luggage is missing. it's mia. >> we ended up completely canceling southwest entirely. we are hoping we will get a refund. >> 2,885 domestic flights were canceled. 86% of them were southwest. 2,509. the southwest pilots union, as well as the flight attendants union say the melt down was very predictable because southwest executives did not invest in and modernize the logistics and communication technology. the ceo of southwest offered an apology.
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>> the tools we use to recover from this disruption serve us well 99%. time but clearly we need to double down on our already existing plans to upgrade systems for these extreme circumstances so that we never again face what is happening right now. >> now southwest did receive over $7 billion in federal assistance since the pandemic. a spokesperson for southwest says that money was used for payroll, to prevent furloughs. they still got another 2300 flights canceled tomorrow. back to you in new york. >> rachel: thank you, mike. so while americans are stuck, many are wondering what's the out when's plan to deal with this. jacqui heinrich is our white house correspondent. jacqui? >> rachel, air force one got president biden to his caribbean vacation but thousands of americans were not so lucky. and now the administration is vowing to hold southwest airlines to their commitments to meal vouchers, refunds and
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holhotelsbut not without criticw long it took to make it happen. >> punel and the white house didn't respond until yesterday arch about four days in. >> the transportation secretary making a blitz of tv appearances detailing his calls with the southwest ceo after house judiciary republicans tweeted "where's secretary pete? "buttigieg says he has been on the case. good morning at the moment i'm on capitol hill not far from your offices. we will keep getting results from passengers using our authorities and resources as an agency. something he says he has done successfully before. >> do you remember earlier this year, especially over the summer, we saw a lot of problems with a lot of airlines and i pressed them to increase their customer service commitments to put it in writing and now that they have put it in writing, we can enforce that. we have been able to get passengers hundreds of millions of dollars in refunds this year alone. >> southwest may face a long road regaining customer trust. stocks down more than 10% in the last two days.
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congress also promising scrutiny. >> moneys that were paid out during covid, they were paid out to maintain the payroll and to maintain the workforce. >> bloomberg reports the carrier's vice president of ground operations declared a state of operational emergency at the airport after an unusually high number of employee absences, according to a december 21st message to ramp workers. >> when the federal government and taxpayers bail out airlines like southwest, to the tune of over $7 billion, what i first want to see is an accounting where that money wept. clearly it didn't go to upgrading and updating their technology. >> president biden also tweeted a link for americans to see if they are entitled to compensation from southwest or any other airline. it's also available at rachel? >> rachel: jacqui, thank you. so pete buttigieg is in way over his head. he talks tough but he is not going to do anything. >> we have never seen a situation, at least not on my watch, with this volume of
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disruption, so this is going to take an extraordinary level of effort by southwest and we will mount an extraordinary effort to make sure that they are meeting their obligations. >> rachel: pete has no experience. a couple years ago he was a mayor in indiana. and now he is in charge of all of americaens airports. buttigieg knew this was come and did he nothing. four months ago a dozen attorney generals wrote to congress how pete buttigieg wasn't doing enough. they warned that our airline infrastructure was crumbling and that pete wasn't doing anything about it. the state a.g.'s want the power to actually do something to protect customers instead of waiting on pete quote they said state attorney generals have little to know authority to hold airlines accountable for unacceptable behavioral to. allows airlines to mistreat customers and leaves customers without effective redress. don't forget, flights were getting delayed and canceled all summer. what did pete do? he went to portugal and then the went on tv and told everyone not
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to worry that it will be fine by christmas. >> do you think, this issue will be sorted in times for the holidays. >> i think it's going to get better by the holidays dollars. we are pressing the airlines to deliver better service. >> thousands of americans spent victims in the airport. some people are still waiting for flights. why didn't pete clamp down on southwest before christmas? they were using outdated technology. some of it dating back to the 190s. remember, southwest got billions of taxpayer dollars from a covid bailout. why didn't they use that cash to update their computers? these are questions the secretary of transportation should have asked months ago. instead he touted a fake infrastructure bill that was basically a down payment on the green new deal that gave us more solar panels and less racist bridges. and when the entire system collapsed, pete acted surprised. >> do you see this as a meltdown 123. >> yes.
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that road gets thrown around a lot sometimes in coverage of travel disruptions. in this case it's the only word i can think of to describe what is happening at southwest airlines. and we are past the point where they could say that this is a weather driven issue. >> rachel: pete is the reason it melted down. when airlines started mandating vaccines for pilots, pete chird them on. and when they had a pilot shortage, pete wouldn't even 24eu6 about raising the retirement age. run. >> compromising safety with a pilot older than 65 because a lot of people say 65 is the new 55. and we have a president who is almost 80. so what's the big deal if we went up a few more years? >> look, that regulation is there for safety reasons. i haven't seen any piece of information or data that would suggest that the reasoning has changed and so i'm going to look at other stats that are not affecting safety. >> rachel: so an 80-year-old can
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run a country but a 66-year-old can't fly an airplane? buttigieg wants all the older experienced pilots to retire so can he diversify the workforce. he said quote any time you have some americans who have been excluded from opportunity it's important to make sure there is an inclusive future. he leads us to legal with the shortages while he waits for the students at the compton flight school to graduate. buttigieg doesn't care about your problems he flies private on your dime. if you have to sleep at the airport and mills the holidays with your family, that's not his problem. monica crowley is a former assistant secretary of treasury. monica, so great to have you. why should the transportation secretary care what color our pilots are? >> well, he shouldn't, of course. but this entire mess surrounding our nation's infrastructure and transportation services, rachel, this is what you get when you choose a cabinet based on identity politics. rather than on actual
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qualifications. so, mayor pete was mayor of relatively small city, south bend, indiana, what qualifies him to run the nation's transportation grid. exactly nothing. but he did check a particular box and that then got him into the biden cabinet. what we have seen over the last two years is one transportation crisis after another. you laid it out really well from the supply chain crisis to the potential rail strike. to this air travel nightmare over a holiday weekend. none of this should have happened or if it were going to happen, then you should have had a very steady hand on the tiller. and you simply don't with mayor pete because he is too busy engaging in identity politics himself or talking about climate change or talking about how somehow roads and bridges are racist. this is what you get. actual problems do not get solved because the left is fundamentally focused on other things, which is the fundamental transportation of the nation.
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not on actually solving problems for the american people. >> it is just so interesting because it's so clear that pete buttigieg thinks that he is going to be the next president. he wants to do that and he is doing such a bad job as secretary. i don't understand the game plan here for him. how he thinks to get to the next run, you know, the next step without doing a good job here. so we have $7 billion that was given to the airlines. why didn't southwest update their computer system and what can be done about that? how do we get back that money if they don't use it for the right reason? >> you know, it's a great question. i was in the treasury department during the last two years of president trump's administration when covid hit. and we were helping to oversee what was known as the payroll support program for the airlines. they did get billions of dollars, including southwest. and it was meant to retain their workforce. the pilots and the crew and the mechanics and so on in the
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process they got millions of dollars. what is the administration doing to fix these problems or to nudge the airlines to use the money that was given to them in that regard to fix these problems so they don't happen again. when you are dealing with the left, rachel, like you are dealing with buttigieg or joe biden. they are not actually interested in solving america's problems. they are interested in taking this money to reengineer the u.s. economy. it's a much bigger picture thing than actually the nitty gritty are of solving things for the american people and making their lives easier. >> rachel: yeah. it's such a great point. he really doesn't care about how transportation is in america. he cares about how he can use that position to get on with his plan of social engineering the country. great point. i'm with the a.g.s by the way, monica. i want to see this decentralized. way too much power in washington. honda, so great having you today -- tonight. thank you, monica. >> thank you so much, rachel. you too. >> rachel: coming up. why joe biden goes on vacation,
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illegals are sneaking into the country, breaking into our homes. ♪
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>> rachel: the borders has been a disaster since joe biden took office. millions of illegals are crossing the border with ease. and the white house has no answer for the chaos. yesterday, the supreme court attempted to stem the tide of migrants by upholding title 42. it's simply a band-aid for the crisis because the biden administration still insists that the border is secure. today, biden's department of homeland security issued a statement saying, quote: the border is not open and we will continue to fully enforce our immigration laws. what a joke. really? the white house is doing everything but enforcing immigration laws. instead, biden is escaping these
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problems by heading to the caribbean. joe's running away from the problem because this is what he wants to happen. a wide open border causing chaos. and, of course, the media is covering for him. they say it isn't a national security crisis. but, nearly 100 suspects from the terror watch list were encountered at the southern border. how is that not a national security crisis? don't tell that to cnn. >> you hear people saying well this is a national security crisis. if you would see these failures at the border and i know down there all the time. these families walk over the border and they just sit down with their little children wanting to apply for asylum. they are not bringing drugs. they are not a danger. >> they are not a danger, he says. it's not like the illegals are breaking into people's homes, right? well, tell this to this homeowner. debbie douglas just faced everyone homeowner's nightmare when a group of illegals slipped passed border patrol and attempted to break into her home nearly 50 miles away from the
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border. the illegals tried kicking in the back door. opening her window and even tried smashing the door to bits. this was the first degree time illegal immigrants tried to break into debbie's home. while she escaped home, her neighbor wasn't so lucky. as the illegals successfully broke into her neighbor's home right after this. the dems are ignoring the border as u.s. citizens are dealing with the real world effects of this crisis. founder, and president of turning point u.s. charlie kirk joins me now. charlie, i have interviewed so many people who live along the border. you are coming to us from arizona. i can see. and it's just incredible, the federal government is telling them that what is happening to them is not happening. and i wonder how much more can they take? i mean, i'm almost expecting some sort of revolt here on the american side. >> you know, i mean, it's so dysfunctional. there was a brilliant piece written by michael anton who i found to be krivsky a year and a half ago. he sim summarized it it's not
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happening but it's good that it is. the administration says there is no crisis at the border just kids and fine stop complaining about it. at some point, the average citizen looks at this and they feel such disrespect from their leaders. it is a crisis. it's a humanitarian crisis. it's a political crisis, it is a crisis all across the board. you see the break-ins, the crime, the drugs, and then we're being told that actually everything is perfectly fine. it's secure. but if anything is happening. it's actually a really good thing because we are a nation of immigrants. so, look, i totally agree. i wish our leaders cared more about our borders of lebanon, pakistan and oman. last bill allowed border security for foreign countries but not for border security in fact explicitly carved out in that bill and not to mention all the ngos and groups that are subsidizing this continual invasion of our country. >> rachel: yeah. we need to talk about the ngos. before we get there charlie. i talked about almost 100 known
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terrorists that have crossed. nobody is talking about the fact that we are destabilizing mexico. that these cartels are so powerful. we're turning mexico really into a narco-state. and that's our neighbor, our closest neighbor. >> it's bad for our country and it's also bad for our sister country bad for the entire hemisphere. when you do have not have law, then you get chaos. people need order. some semblance of order. you don't need the voluminous amounts of law that democrats wants for our society. small but strong federal government. then you have the state of nature narcodrug criminal terrorists start to reign havoc over people in america and new mexico. >> rachel: our government is complicit so much evil at our border, child sex trafficking, dentured. slavery from kids across the country. so much bad stuff. charlie, thanks for joining us this evening.
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>> you can afford a brand new car, a big house, each go on that dream family vacation. all under one condition. you have to be willing to democrats have been working for generations. to make not make you just poor but most importantly to make the middle class dependent on them. >> you got obama. >> yes, everybody in cleveland got obama phone. people president. he gave us a phone. >> he gave you a phone. >> he gave you a phone. how did he give you a phone. >> you sign up.
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social security. you got low income, disability. >> rachel: covid put their plan on over. instead of going to work. people just binge watch netflix and spoke legalized pot. and now we know it actually pays more to not work. a new report just published by the committee to unleash prosperity shows you can actually make a six figure salary just off of unemployment benefits. if you live in washington state, you don't have to have a job. they will offer you $122,000 a year in payouts. in massachusetts, you can earn an income of $117,000. new jersey, $108,000 a year. over 1 states give you unemployment payouts worth at least $80,000. just for comparison, that's more than the median salary of a firefighter, a truck driver, an electrician, a middle school teacher and a retail associate. no wonder businesses are struggling to hire people. businesses can't compete with government and no one wants to
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work. victor davis hanson is a senior fellow at the hoover institution. victor, thank you for joining us. so democrats have expanded this welfare benefits from the poor over to the middle class. i would say most people want to be financially independent so why are they pushing this dependency. >> well, i think it's a same strategy we saw right before the midterm where they offered these amnesties for drug convictions or amnesties for student loans. and i think they understand they have a message that doesn't appeal to 51% of the electorate. so they have to offer these subsidies. the irony is we are $31 trillion in debt. we are running $1.7 trillion in annual deficit. this is -- and then we have all of thiessen terrific call forces now fear of covid people who have long covid. people who got used to cacooning or culture rated to staying home. took early retirement. we should be incentivizing work
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not idolness. down to 6 #% of labor participation. it's almost historic low. the whole system of taxes and subsidies is built on implicit bargain that all of the people who go out of and work and pay taxes, and they do that with the understanding that if there's a need to help the disabled or those who have lost their job, they are willing to do that. but if they get the message that there is a large percentage of the population that simply will not work and wants money, then it's going to be very hard to convince them to pay their taxes. it's a voluntary system. and so they broke -- the social contract in a sense and we got a whole generation of young people. especially young men that don't know the value of hard work. and if they -- it's not just productivity and they help the country advance. but there's something ennobling and virtuous about getting up in the morning and going out and would,ing. there is going to be bad ramifications if this generation
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doesn't snap out of it. >> rachel: that's so interesting. because that's the secret sauce of america our work ethic and personal responsibility. what does that mean for our future if we have more and more middle class kids, you know, becoming adults. becoming dependent, what does that mean for our future if we lose that american work ethic? >> well, we are in a very competitive world. there is a lot of people who produce goods and services they feel much cheaper than we do and they want our lifestyle. and there is no historical birth right that we just get up in the morning and we get what we have. we have to keep working at it. so it's not guaranteed. we're breaking that compact. >> rachel: thanks for breaking that down for us, victor. it's a little depressing but good to know we are in this crisis and we need to get out of it. thank you, victor. happy new year. >> thank you. >> rachel: as the homeless crisis in los angeles grows worse by the day the city's leaders continue to struggle to get people off the street. senior national correspondent william la jeunesse is here with the latest.
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william? >> well, had 0,000 live on l.a. streets, rachel. worse in the u.s. by far. instead of building shelters with a billion dollars construction fund. the city chose high end apartments. been an expensive failure in taxpayers and homeless continue to pay the price. >> we have done everything wrong that we could possibly do to address homelessness in los angeles. >> in 2016 you, voters approved more than a billion dollars for los angeles to build 10,000 housing units for the homeless. six years later, the city is 8,000 short. and the units they have built are ridiculously expensive. >> when units are costing $600,000 a door, you're never going to have enough public money to create as many units as you actually need. some of them estimated to cost a million dollars a door. that is utterly unacceptable. >> case in point, 140 proposed apartments in venice cost 1.2 million per unit.
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a nearby apartment building set taxpayers back 640,000 per unit and 668,000 here for 45 studio apartments, each about the size of a single car garage. by comparison, an average house in the u.s. is four times larger and costs about half as much. >> you focus on housing a few with very expensive housing. while you leave the many, the thousands on the street without a shelter to go to. >> andy bales blames politicians for focusing on housing instead of shelter. >> you can't take four years to building is that people need today. >> l.a.'s new mayor now says the city will rent motels and hotels to get people off the street. rachel? >> rachel: thank you, william. next, democrats think this is family friendly entertainment. but a book about christianity off limits. ♪
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>> rachel: remember earlier this year when whoopi goldberg went on "the view" and said this?
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>> but you're missing the point. you're missing the point. the minute you turn it into race, it goes. >> let's be truthful about it because the holocaust isn't about race. it's about man's inhumanity to man. >> rachel: well, that led to some emergency damage control that night with stephen colbert. but then the damage control caused each more damage so she had to apologize again first thing in the morning. >> i said that the holocaust wasn't about race. and it was instant about man's inhumanity to man. but it is indeed about race because hitler and the nazis considered jews to be inferior race. words matter and mine are no exception. i regret my comments as i said and i stand corrected. i also stand with the jewish people as they know and y'all know because i have always done that. >> rachel: when the dust settled she was suspended for two whole weeks and she learned a lot, remember? she was so sorry and she
4:40 pm
promised never to do it again. but here she is doing it again in her interview with the "times" the author says that there was a list of topics that she was forbidden to raise of theview is highlighted in red each now whoopi does not understand why her remarks offended. based off what was said we certainly believe her. whoopi is a nearly 40 year veteran entertainment industry claims you can't be racist towards jews because you don't know what they look like. but the point is, this whoopi can get away with this infinite amount of times because she is a democrat. just like barack obama can hang out with the controversial incendiary minister farrakhan and not catch a bit of flack from the media. on the other hand trump gets hate crimes because supposedly who he had dinner with. you can't post questions about pharma and vaccines but whoopi can openly question the meaning of the holocaust. liberal privilege at it finest. listen, i am a free speech
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absolutist. i have no idea if whoopi is actually anti-semitic or just plain ignorant. my next guest might be able to help us answer that question. the deputy opinion editor at "newsweek" and author of bad news, how woke media is undermining democracy. you are won of my favorite guests. thanks for joining us. is she ignorant or is she anti-semitic? how do you see it. >> it's a great question. it reminds me of a segment you did right after kanye tweeted about, you know, going defcon on the jewish people. i was on a plane watching "fox & friends" as one does. you had such a wonderful segment that was really trying to traverse that fine line between free speech absolutism and saying offensive things. you know, i don't think what whoopi said was anti-semitic. it was wrong to the point of being offensive. sort of like saying that the civil war was not about slavery. if you say that to one of your black friends you will have a
4:42 pm
fight on your hands. >> rachel: or think you are dumb. the mistakes she keeps making over and over if a nazi showed up here and i was standing next to one of my jews who has white skin. they would know i'm black. they wouldn't know jewish. whoopi what's what the yellow thats were for. of course they see them as a separate race. it's important like you did in that segment about kanye not to overblow things and not to be so rushing to cancel people. of course the point you made about the double standard is really problematic. >> rachel: she has her own double standard constantly accusing crump of being a racist and of course she gets a lot of help from the media rehabilitating her own image. there is speech as we talked about a free speech component here. so many weird rules about what we can and can't talk about. for example i think the most taboo thing you can talk about we will do it here vaccine injuries or keep seeing reports of young people who died suddenly. you are not allowed to talk about that. >> not just that you are not
4:43 pm
allowed to talk about it. get demonetized or still shut down on youtube, on facebook, probably not on twitter anymore. but the level of censorship is very, very extreme. and i actually hear a lot from people who stay to me, look, i know i don't hate jews. i know i'm not anti-semite. it always feels like i might accidently say something just give me the list of things that are, you know, anti-semitic so i won't say them and sort of doesn't really work like that, right? i think that the problem kanye was making and whoopi is making is saying things that are wrong to the point of being offensive and then, of course, with kanye you saw that stemming really from actually admiration from nazis in that case. >> rachel: there is a lot of problems there ultimately what we can't have is censorship and certainly not government complicity with the social media companies to shut down debate. we need to be able to talk about things like covid. but we also need to be sensitive and be good people and not offend people and check our ignorance as well.
4:44 pm
bat battia, thanks for joining me. >> holiday christmas full of fun visiting santa, baking cookies, singing in the christmas program you know all that traditional stuff. this year in cities across the country something new for kids to do it was called a drag queen christmas. this sounds familiar we talked about it before. basically a festive drag show that tours the entire country full of inappropriate jokes and revealing costumes and advertised but for all ages. you tell me does this look kid friendly to you? [cheers] >> join reindeer games. >> that performance was few weeks ago in austin, texas shows like it have been happening in
4:45 pm
cities across the country. drag queens perform. the kid sit there and watch and then they travel to the next city and they do it all over again. this week they stopped in fort lauderdale, florida. >> rudolph the red-nosed [bleep] reindeer. >> had a very shiny nose. ♪ and if you ever saw it ♪ you would even say it glows >> ♪ >> rachel: here's where things take a turn. florida is desantis territory and when he got word of what was happening in his state he wasn't very happy about it. in fact, his office is now investigating the event for potential criminal liability for exposing children to sexually explicit content. finally someone is looking out for our kids. and holding these creeps accountable. >> but this fight is far from
4:46 pm
over. and nobody understands this better than my next guest kirk cameron. he received major pushback when he was asked to -- when he asked to read his faith based book as you grow at several public libraries across the country as part of his brave books story hour. get, this those same libraries who initially denied his request previously hosted drag queen story hours. kirk cameron joins me now. kirk, first of all, welcome, merry christmas, happy new year. tell me -- >> -- thank you. thank you, merry christmas, happy new year. >> how do you feel about what ron desantis is doing? is that what governors need to do? >> well, i have all the confidence in the world that desantis will get to the bottom of this. and do the right thing. but, rachel, i don't know anything about drag. i don't moon light as kirk gram dazzle. what i do know the minds of children are precious to god. it's our job as parents to protect them. we have got to get off the
4:47 pm
defense onto the offense and that's why i'm writing books likes a you grow. i'm partnering with good and godly patriotic companies like brave books and trying to get families with resources to build up wisdom and the character that is needed to be able to withstand these kinds of attacks on our children. >> rachel: yeah. i mean there is definitely a war being waged on childhood innocence. why do you think liberals, people who are part of this drag queen story hour and these kinds of performances that they are trying to gear up for kids, why are they targeting our kids in your view? >> you know, i think that most people just live out their world view. >> i think they are probably being consistent with what they believe. and what i would like to see is for the family of faith to be more consistent with what we believe. if we really believe that children are given. not given to public libraries or public schools run by the government, we ought to be
4:48 pm
guarding their minds and then teaching them and creating the culture we want for them rather than complaining about giving them to others who create the culture we don't want for them. >> rachel: yeah. there is no question about that. parents who take their kids to that are more responsible than the drag queens who are putting on the show for sure. i want to talk to you about this. because belief in god is now, according to polls, is at all time low. nearly 20% of americans don't believe in god. kirk, i have a little theory on this. part of this has been put on overdrive during covid when churches were shut down and when sadly so many priests and pastors agreed to take orders from the government, close their church doors and, in essence, sent the message that our spiritual life and church is not important, is not essential. you tell me what you think is driving these numbers. >> some people get down about numbers from polls like this. but i have traveled the country for 30 years speaking to hundreds of thousands of people in churches. personally, and i know a secret.
4:49 pm
and that is that polls don't tell the whole story. heaven's victory and it's advance is not dependent on popularity polls. it's dependent upon the power of a savior who was lifted up on a pole. and that power is unstoppable. i think church attendance decline is actually a good thing in an environment like this because it reveals that there are some people who are in church that don't really believe. they don't have a real faith and not teaching that to their children so they leave. others with real faith are walking away from weak and woke churches and wanting to return to the truth of the word of god and the gospel. when we do that, we will find that this setback is really a set-up for a comeback. history tells us that's called revival and a great awakening. >> rachel: yeah. maybe it's a different kind of re-set. kirk cameron, always great talking to you. thank you, kirk. if you want to hear more by the way of my conversation, my husband and i had a great conversation with kirk. check out our podcast "from the
4:50 pm
kitchen table" where i sat down with him and had an even deeper conversation about faith and america and his situation with his brave book being declined by so many libraries. coming up, don lemon's downward spiral continues into 2023. ♪ ♪
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>> new year's eve is one big excuse to party. you make plans, get dressed up, pour yourself a drink or two. >> thanks. i needed that. >> why not? just don't be that one guy that drinks a little too much.
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>> i love you. >> every year we have the best time. >> i can't believe i get paid to do that. >> i know. they did something weird to me. >> i don't want to know. >> you revealed enough. >> don't tell. should i tell? it had to do with white power. >> what is happen something. >> i don't know what is happening. >> sorry, don. the party is over. new year's eve is going to look a little different this year after the company's new head honcho decided to ban on-air during the year-end broadcast. i guess things got out of year last year. his decision has the support of one competitor. ryan seacrest that is applauding the decision obviously. he's seen the ratings. he knows nobody watches don lemon sober. if don can't get plastered, nobody will watch. while other networks are dialling down the fun, our party is just getting started.
4:57 pm
i'll be ringing in 2023 with my "fox and friends" co host will cain, pete hegseth with coverage starting at 10:00 p.m. in nashville. the show will be chocked full of comedy, music. brantley gilbert will be performing live and cole hauser, a star from "yellowstone" will be joining us. griff jenkins will be co hosting me. he has a preview right now. he's already getting started. >> let's go. i'm ready. it's saturday. let's get there right now. do it tomorrow. >> i'm ready to join you. where are you going to be at? >> everybody is freezing. i put in my contract that i cannot be made to freeze, so i will be in daytona on main street along the beach and the boardwalk. that main street in daytona,
4:58 pm
rachel, as you know, is a party town. that main street is known as the best beach party boulevard in america. we'll be down from. from 9:00 to 10:00, i'll co host with emily compagno. we'll have various reporters for you. i'll bring you all the excitement of daytona. i can't put the warmth in a bottle. >> yeah, i need to write that warm weather thing into my contract next time. i'm so excited. you'll be there, emily, jimmy. awesome. we're moving into the new year. what is your new year's resolution? thought about it? >> i hadn't until i spent the week up here filling in for "fox and friends," with you earlier this week. >> it's so hard interviewing you with those glasses. >> yeah. it's making it difficult. i'm looking right at her. >> i love it. go ahead. >> i learned this week that having a full balanced day is the way to do it.
4:59 pm
i wake up very early, 3:00 a.m., prepared to three hours of anchoring "fox and friends" and my body says, way to go. you got this day going. i'll do a soul cycle by noon. the body is like this is fantastic. late afternoon and evening, i'll have a few beers and cheeseburger. and my body says no, no, no. you're driving it into the ground. that's full balanced. i want a full balanced total day every day. >> i love that. there's a polar plunge. are you down with that? >> i won't be doing that. one of our fox weather guys are doing it. i'm glad to do it in daytona where it's warm. >> maybe you can wear a wet suit. >> maybe i'll go surfing. >> can't wait to join you new year's eve. that's all for tonight. i'm rachel campos duffy. up next is my husband, john duffy. he's in for tucker carlson.
5:00 pm
we hope you all have a wonderful night and don't forget to join us in nashville for the all-american new year's in nashville from the wild horse saloon. have a great night, everybody. >> john: good evening. welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." i'm sean duffy in for tucker. the department of transportation let by mayor pete buttigieg announced two big initiatives. part of the plan was to diversify the aviation work force based on skin color and gender. in other words, equity. major pete's second declaration


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